Custom designed watches
Stages of working
We process your application
We agree on the design of the watch
We conclude an agreement
We make watches
Your watch is ready
You get a custom designed watch
  • a memorable and useful accessory as well as a prestigious gift for partners and customers
  • a unique element of the company image and corporate values
  • a good advertising product
  • honorary award on holidays and professional events
Complete production cycle
Production time - 14 working days
100% confidence in quality, full range of tests
Free design development service, complete warranty responsibility
Minimum order batch
  • 5 pieces for wristwatches
  • 10 pieces for wall clocks
  • 300 pieces for alarm clocks
Individual packaging in a corporate style - from 100 pieces
The Minsk Watch Plant is the only one enterprise in Belarus which produces time devices. The workshops of the plant are equipped with modern technological lines. The machine shop has installed new lathes for processing metal parts, unique machines for the manufacture of spherical sapphire glasses for wristwatches.

A special aerograph is used to paint the hands and dials, which allows you to get a rich color. To print a pattern on the dial, the pad printing method is used, which allows transferring the image from gravure, flat, letterpress and screen printing plates to surfaces of almost any shape.

At the assembly area, the watch gets its final look and then is transferred to the control and test station for verification.
About us
The history of Minsk Watch Plant began in 1953 from the decision of building a plant and for more than 65 years we have been producing watches, demonstrating high watchmaking skills and professionalism. Since 2010, 80% of the shares of Minsk Watch Plant have been owned by the Swiss company Franck Muller International B.V. The «Luch» brand, which was produced in the XX century in millions of copies, has become the calling card of our plant.
Our partners
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Customer manager
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